86% more conversions

happen on landing pages with a product video.

50x organic search reach

as compared to pages without any kind of video.

93% marketers converted

a lead to a paying customer using a product or marketing video.

Your Guest Experience Starts from Booking

Taj Corbett

An experiential walkthrough.

ibis Nashik

A classic hotel video.

Novotel Goa

A multi-property video.

The Hotel Video is the new facade photo.

A Better Booking Page

Your guests are looking at the same photographs of rooms and restaurants, give them something fresh.

Your Sales Solution

A video distills your hotel's experience into seconds. Add the video to any sales email for actionable engagement.

Socially Sharable

Get your guests excited to visit your property with a video good enough for them to share on their social media.

Better Organic & Paid Reach

Use the video to get substantially more reach though search engines and social media advertising.

Choose your production

Hotel Video

Cinematic Hotel Video
1 to 3 Minute Runtime
No Photographs
Lifetime Rights
4 to 7 Day On-Site Production
30 Day Delivery

Hotel Video + Photos

Cinematic Guest Experience Video
1 to 3 Minute Runtime
12 to 15 Photographs
Lifetime Rights
5 to 9 Day On-Site Production
30 Day Delivery